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Using Quality Index to Help You Buy

The many parameters in diamond make it very difficult to understand its quality. The Quality index is intended to make it easier for a buyer to understand overall quality of a diamond and also compare pieces.


How it works?

Quality Index takes into consideration all parameters that affect quality in diamonds, including some that are not covered by prevalent grading laboratories. All parameters are evaluated to give an accurate calculation of quality. The 100% reference point is a perfect piece of D IF quality. Quality Index is adjusted for shape and size.


How to Use?

We suggest buyers to use Quality Index to compare overall quality of diamonds after they have filtered on diamonds they are willing to accept. On these narrowed search results, use the Quality Index to compare pieces and their prices to identify the best available piece objectively. For complete guidance, please refer to our guidance section.



Quality Index and corresponding Indicative prices are based on market experience and are indicative and may not be available for non-standard items (i.e fancy colored diamonds, extremely large /small sizes, and irregular/uncommon shapes).