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‘Why IDIAM? – Best International Diamond Marketplace’



I. Find the best deal in diamonds consistently, easily.

Objective Assessment & Superior Guidance:

Given that a diamond purchase is likely to be of high value and a long term commitment, it is recommended that it be thoroughly researched and optimized within the buyer’s quality and budget constraints. In evaluating a diamond, all diamond parameters need to be considered in totality. There are many parameters beyond the 4c’s (carat, color, clarity, and cut) that greatly impact quality that are not covered in existing certification such as GIA, IGI, or HRD. This makes a diamond purchase very opaque and difficult at best.  To allay this gap, IDIAM is the first platform to grade all common and additional parameters that affect quality in diamonds (ie. through IDIAM’s Verification services) and subsequently give an easy to understand overall quality assessment (ie. through IDIAM’s Quality Index). IDIAM also provides an indicative price to guide buyers on how much they should pay in comparison to the seller’s listed price. All these tools assist buyers to make a robust, easier, and transparent purchase like never before.

Diamond Marketplace Advantage

Being a marketplace, IDIAM provides you the advantage of exploring all options from multiple vendors and also resale diamonds from other users. Also buyers and sellers connect directly without any middleman reducing transaction costs.

Simplifying the Complexity

With thousands of pieces available, getting the right piece becomes a difficult and complex task. IDIAM alleviates this by displaying most relevant results first, and providing easy and detailed filters to screen results as per exact user requirements.


II. Diamond as an investment. Not just a luxury ornament.

Diamond as an Investment.

For a diamond to qualify as an investment, by definition it should either generate income or appreciate in the future.  It is important to note that though diamonds do not generate income such as a dividend or rent, it usually appreciates against currency because of money’s devaluing nature. Diamond as an investment is a subjective matter, but we at IDIAM consider diamonds to be a good store of wealth, as it is a good hedge against inflation. Expert advisors (such as Tony Robins, Ray Dalio) recommend allocating 5-10% of personal wealth into commodities such as diamonds and gold.

IDIAM helps to Buy Investment Grade Diamonds:

Buying the right diamond at the right price is the first step to qualify your diamond purchase as an investment. IDIAM provides the right tools to buy the right diamond in the first place that are of investment grade.

IDIAM is a Valuation and Resale Platform.

Any investment should be able to be tracked monetarily over time. Using Verification number, IDIAM gives an accurate real time market valuation for that unique diamond. Resale is also as easy as buying. Being a marketplace, diamonds can be posted for resale anytime for all buyers to see and realize maximum value possible.


III.  100% Customer satisfaction. We mean what we say.

Customized Jewelry Around Your Solitaire Purchase

Idiam has tie ups with multiple reputed qualified jewelers who design the jewelry around the solitaire diamond. Customers can choose from existing designs showcased in jewelry section or go for a customized option.

Full Disclosure and Transparency.

You get to know exactly what you are buying and what you are paying in comparison to benchmark prices. All purchases are certified by GIA, HRD, or IGI and additionally verified by IDIAM. IDIAM will protect against frauds (ie. Synthetics and pieces not matching their certificates)

Safe and Secure Transactions:

1 week no questions asked return policy in case a buyer is not satisfied for any reason. And money is not released to seller until the buyer is completely satisfied with the purchase.


The revolution has just begun.

IDIAM strives to improve awareness and accessibility to diamond markets for everyone and to make it easy to transact diamonds confidently and transparently. Currently IDIAM is trying to map more and more diamonds through its verification services for all users’ benefit. In case there are pieces of interest that are not verified, users can request for verification through the ‘Request for Verification’ action button. IDIAM is working hard to improve user experience and if there is any kind of difficultly or suggestions, we would be happy to receive them or guide personally. 

We are grateful for your participation on IDIAM.