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About IDIAM – International Diamond Marketplace

The IDIAM family has 3 decades of experience in the diamond industry. Operations are in multiple diamond centers of the world. IDIAM is the result of a long standing ambition of creating a centralized marketplace for diamonds, ideated by husband-wife duo Dinesh & Sunaina Agarwal and supported by technical co-founder Vijay Saraff. This young and talented team clubbed the intricacies of the diamond business with new technology to create the first of its kind intelligent diamond marketplace. Working with the premise that diamonds are a commodity-like product, the founding team see diamonds being bought and sold more effectively and efficiently through the IDIAM centralized exchange.

The purpose of IDIAM is to become a comprehensive and best diamond marketplace with assistive tools for diamond buyers and diamond sellers to transact directly with each other. This shall increase transparency and reduce transaction costs and at the same time enable quality controlled delivery and safe and secure payments. We, at IDIAM aspire to significantly improve the way diamonds are transacted and also improve accessibility to diamond markets for all individuals who possess or want to possess a diamond. 

Some of the major gaps that IDIAM fills in current diamond ecosystems are as follows:

  1. Consumers do not understand quality in diamonds and finding the right diamonds is a complex task for them
  2. No easy channel for consumers to resale back on the market
  3. Unavailability to get real-time market valuation for diamonds already owned
  4. High mark-up / transaction costs during buying or selling of diamonds
  5. Frauds/ Non-disclosure of information by sellers


At IDIAM, we promise to provide best overall customer satisfaction, measured on the metrics of Quality, Value, Service and Accessibility while transacting a diamond.

Quality – We provide accurate quality information in a standardized and easy to understand format, allowing easy assessment and comparison like never before. We make sure the users buy the right diamonds matching their requirement. We have set up a foolproof transaction process so both sides of the transaction are safe and secure.

Value –Get diamonds at a competitive rate or sell diamonds for maximum realization. On IDIAM you can directly contact the seller, hence there is no middleman, no extra price to pay. You can negotiate and settle for the best price and of course we promise to charge the lowest transaction rates.

Service – We maintain complete transparency and provide IDIAM verification certificates. Our platform is easy to use and intuitive. We provide service to every visitor, hence offering a personal touch. We depict all diamonds and their relevant ranking for international diamond buyers as well as diamond buyers in India to find the best purchase easily. Most of the retailers don’t pay good value for resale, but at IDIAM one can not only avail excellent resale prices but also excellent after sales service.

Accessibility – IDIAM, though an online diamond dealer in Mumbai, makes it easy to transact diamonds by providing all relevant information. You need not depend on anyone now, at IDIAM you can get diamonds verified, read and analyze what’s best suited for you. We have made use of internet to get all listing information, including other consumers. 


What are our overarching goals?

  • Change perception and enhance stature of diamond as an investment – through improved transparency and reduced transaction costs
  • Make diamond more tradable and easy to buy and sell
  • Map the entire diamond inventory for accurate and refined intelligence
  • Make diamonds more accessible to everyone