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Final Recommendation

The decision to purchase a diamond is a resultant of studying all parameters of a diamond in combination.


We suggest buyers to follow this 2 step process to narrow down to find the best available diamond to match their requirement.


Since many parameters important in assessing quality are not covered by 3rd party certificates(GIA,HRD,IGI), we encourage buyers to avail the IDIAM verification services to get complete information in order to make the best buying decision.


We also suggest buyers to use the Quality Index to compare diamonds and the IDIAM indicative prices as benchmarks when negotiating with sellers. However Quality Index and IDIAM indicative prices are only available for IDIAM verified diamonds.


We have tried to provide complete transparency to a buyer to cover all aspects to consider when buying a diamond. Even then, if a customer is not 100% sure, we suggest them to discuss with a trusted advisor.