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There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a diamond. We usually suggest buyers to break it into 2 Steps.


Step 1: Narrow down on the four basic parameters namely

These 4 parameters in combination with your budget will put you in the ballpark area of the type of diamond that will suit to your requirement:


1.1 Shape

1.2 Carat size

1.3 Color  

1.4 Clarity.


Step 2: Guide to buy a diamond

Once you have completed Step 1, then we can take step 2: to narrow down on detailed parameters to find the best available piece that matches within our requirement. Namely the following:

2.1.       Cut     

a.       Proportion

b.      Polish

c.       Symmetry

2.2.       Other color parameters

a.       Fluorescence

b.      Tinge Intensity and Shade

c.       Lustre

2.3.       Other clarity parameters

a.       Black inclusion

b.      White Inclusion

c.       Eye Clean

d.      Internal Graining

2.4.       Other cut parameters

a.       Extra Facets

b.      Opens

c.       Girdle

d.      Culet

e.      Hearts & Arrow

2.5.       Certification