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Step 2: Guide to buy a diamond

Drilling to find the perfect piece within the target range, one needs to pay attention to other parameters of color , clarity , and cut along with certification, treatments (If any) and  terms and conditions.

Once you have completed Step 1 of selecting shape, carat weight, color and clarity, then one needs to narrow down on detailed parameters which is a part of step2 . Namely the following:

2.1.       Cut     

a.       Proportion

b.      Polish

c.       Symmetry

2.2.       Other color parameters

a.       Fluorescence

b.      Tinge Intensity and Shade

c.       Lustre

2.3.       Other clarity parameters

a.       Black inclusion

b.      White Inclusion

c.       Eye Clean

d.      Internal Graining

2.4.       Other cut parameters

a.       Extra Facets

b.      Opens

c.       Girdle

d.      Culet

e.      Hearts & Arrow

2.5.       Certification


Certain important parameters to evaluate a diamond’s quality are not covered by 3rd party certificates. We suggest buyers of diamond to request for an IDIAM verification reports to accompany their diamond purchase which also covers these important additional parameters, namely:

1.       Tinge Intensity and Shade

2.       Lustre

3.       Black inclusion in center

4.       Black inclusion on side

5.       White inclusion in center

6.       White inclusion on side

7.       Internal graining

8.       Inclusion Naked Eye Visible

9.       Extra facets

10.   Opens


All the parameters combined above can impact the price of a diamond by up to 40%. Therefore it is very important to know these additional parameter values before buying a diamond.


2.1.Cut (proportion, polish & symmetry)

Cut is an important parameter because beauty and appearance is defined by the cut. Scintillation and brilliance in any diamond is linked to cutting. The first aspect to check is whether the diamond is appearing beautiful or not. The cut grade is dependent on the evaluation of many parameters such as proportion, polish, symmetry, depth%, table %, girdle width, and culet size.

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2.2.Other color parameters

There are three other color parameters, namely Luster, Tinge (or Overtone), and Fluorescence that significantly impact beauty and therefore value and need to checked before purchasing a diamond. Unfortunately luster and Tinge (color overtone) is generally not graded by 3rd Party certificates, hence we suggest that all pieces should be verified by Idiam so you are aware of these important aspect of the diamond you are intending to purchase.

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2.3.Other clarity parameters

There are other clarity parameters that have a significant impact on quality and therefore value of a diamond. These include parameters such as black (or colored) inclusions and whether these inclusions are in the center or side of the piece. Another important clarity parameter is whether the diamond is eye clean or not. IDIAM verifies and provides grading on black inclusions and whether piece is eye clean or not.

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2.4.Other cut parameters

These are other cut parameters that a buyer should pay attention to, to be knowledgeable of the finer aspects of cut. Parameters such as extra facets and opens which are not graded by GIA/IGI/HRD are verified by IDIAM to give you a better valuation of diamond.

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